Another GigaOm Post: FCC Handcuffs US Mobile

Last week, following FCC Chair Kevin Martin’s announcement that he was recommending dismissal of Skype’s petition requesting application of Carterphone principals to existing wireless networks, I received an invitation from Om Malik to author a guest post for his widely read GigaOm on its impact.

In my humble opinion this decision builds on my ongoing feeling that, if there is a way for government to shoot itself in the foot, it will. There is an ongoing debate over H1-B visas, so Microsoft decides to set up a research facility in Vancouver, B.C. to be able to hire a sufficient number of skilled personnel needed to support its various activities. I have yet to be convinced that the current limits on H1-B visas have created one new job in the U.S. Have these limits impacted Microsoft’s ability to get Vista out "right"?

Richard Florida, who recently moved from the U.S. to take up an appointment in the business school at my alma mater (U. Toronto), writes about the global competition for talent in The Flight of the Creative Class. His three T’s of economic development – technology, talent and tolerance – lead to his concern for long-term prosperity, development and innovation in the U.S. From the book’s flap:

But the United States still boasts one of the most diverse and creative citizenries in the world, and Florida points out that, if it can discover solutions to address rising inequality, the global dissemination of talent and the inherent tensions of the creative age, it will once again lead the pack. If only the rest of the world doesn’t discover those solutions first….

Once again the U.S. is shooting itself in the foot. An outsider’s perspective from a Canadian who has not only lived near, but also lived in, the U.S. and relied on U.S. partnerships for most of his career. And you’ll find some suggestions for waging non-violent guerilla warfare (of the peaceful, totally legal kind) to raise awareness of the issue amongst a broader public beyond the "geek" world.

Thanks to the team at GigaOm for the opportunity.

Hudson Barton at Borderless Communicator: Skype’s unnecessary FCC petition for wireless neutrality is now dead.

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