Why Fax today?

Yesterday I reviewed PamFax for BlackBerry PlayBook. But often I receive questions about why use fax in these days of email, Online document hosting, Twitter and Facebook. Over the past year I have used faxes for:

  • Legal documents: signed faxes are recognized as legally binding documents in most jurisdictions
    • the real estate industry thrives on faxes for exchanging offers and closing documents
  • Medical reports: fax provides a level of privacy and security not assured by normal email.
  • Prescriptions: recently I have been faxing prescriptions to my pharmacy so that the filled prescription is ready when I show up at the pharmacy. But you must bring along the originals (to be compliant in Ontario at least).
  • As a printer at hotels by faxing to the hotel’s fax number
  • Voting in New Jersey when devastated by the weather
  • language and culture

While not providing any numbers, PamConsult’s Dick Shiferli tells me that PamFax usage grows monthly in terms of number of pages sent. He would certainly not be committing resources to ongoing development of both PamFax clients and infrastructure if these numbers were not growing.

Bottom line: while much fax usage has been overtaken by Internet technologies, there are still reasons to deliver hard copy documents over long distances. Services such as PamFax have certainly reduced the cost of supporting fax activity.

Why are you still sending and receiving faxes? Put your response into the comments.

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