New Job Title Reflects Today’s Reality: Dan York, Director of Conversations, Voxeo

Over the past three years of blogging about IP-based communications, one frequent reference has been to Dan York, who for the past eighteen months has been Director of Emerging Communication Technology in the Office of the CTO at Voxeo, whose story has often been blogged here.

Once he joined Voxeo we noticed that Dan was often travelling afar to conferences to tell the Voxeo story while continuing his previous exposure as a blogger: Disruptive Telephony, Disruptive Conversations and, in an industry trade association role, considers security issues as Best Practices Chair of the VoIP Security Alliance (VOIPSA). More recently we have been able to track his every mood and every move on Twitter and Facebook. His responsibilities at Voxeo have included telling the Voxeo story through their various blogs. Somewhere in there he works in a weekly podcast contribution to Shel Holz’s For Immediate Release. Dan is a great reference resource for telephony and security issues in the communications industry.

Today Dan finally came out to tell the world about his recent appointment as Director of Conversations. A new title to reflect the realities of the impact of social media on business development and marketing. Twitter drives conversations; not only does Dan have his informal personal Twitter feed but he also manages the more “corporate announcement” Voxeo Twitter feed. Facebook drives conversations. Again Dan manages both a personal and corporate Facebook page. In fact in his announcement linked above, Dan points out that Voxeo CEO Jonathan Taylor leads by example with his own Twitter feed and Facebook page as well as being heavily into SEO. On the job title Dan comments:

As to the job title, Director of Conversations, it’s really a recognition that in the Age of Google and Facebook and reviews (in iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and Twitter and everything else, what we think of as “marketing” is increasingly all about joining into all the various conversations that are happening out there. Ten years later, many of the theses of Cluetrain are more true than ever. The conversations are happening. Our challenge is to find the most appropriate ways to join in.

Last week at eComm I had the opportunity to meet several members of the Voxeo team; their enthusiasm and passion expressed in a low key manner said everything about how Voxeo will remain a major player in the Voice 2.0 world.

Congratulations, Dan. We look forward to many conversations from and with you.

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