Dan York: Taking up an Information Highway Control Challenge!

DanYork.qikoniphone.150pxWhenever Skype has has a new feature announcement and I wanted to test it out, I would often approach Dan York who was always gracious enough to assist with the evaluation. And his Disruptive Telephone blog has become a wealth of information about the evolution of the IP-based communications world. He has become a significant reference for many of my blog posts.

About four years ago, Dan found what, for his skills and experience, was an ideal position, most recently as Director of Conversations, for Voxeo, a major vendor of hosted voice system solutions for businesses. The combination of his technical knowledge and writing skills brought an interpretation of the implications of the technology that became easily readable by his target audience, whether for technology personnel or from an end user perspective.

ISOClogoDan has also been a resource for understanding open standards and security issues with respect to the operation of the Internet. Today he has announced his acceptance of a position as Senior Content Strategist for the Internet Society, a global non-profit organization with a very simple mission:

to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

where his role….

will very much be about the creation, curation and distribution of information. Writing articles, reviewing resources, blogging, creating videos, screencasts, etc. Once we have the initial repository built out, there will be a phase next year where we will be out on the conference circuit talking about these technologies and helping people understand how they can get started… and continually adding even more content.

Having always found the Voxeo team to set a high standard not only for their technology but also for dealing with its various market constituencies, whether developers, media (including bloggers) or its customers, this had to be a hard decision for Dan. I always appreciated the opportunity to deal with any of the Voxeo team members where Voxeo CEO Jonathan Taylor sets a leadership example to be emulated. Jonathan represents the ultimate entrepreneur who started experimenting with telephony hardware for PC’s several years ago and evolved a business that now is a major force in today’s telecommunications market.

Congratulations, Dan, and we look forward to listening to your evangelism for an open Internet. But we also expect that you will not let up on your mission as Chief “Skype for Mac” Equality Evangelist!

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