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When Skypecast was shut down at the end of August, I suggested three alternatives that can be considered as cost effective replacements for those serious about multi-party discussions.

iotum CalliFlower serves as the host for the daily SquawkBox conference call discussing communications news of the day as well as featured guest interviews. (Full disclosure: I usually participate.) But it also is building a user base who hosts a wide range of audio conference calls for business meetings, interviews with prominent personalities, training and enhanced social networking amongst other audio conferencing requirements. CalliFlower’s key feature, aside from the “Free” aspect, is its rich web interactive interface that supports the call through a “chat wall”, seeing who’s on the call and hand raising.

However, sometimes users get stumped in setting it up. Monitoring “CalliFlower” on Twitter via either Tweetdeck or TweetBeeps, iotum CEO Alec Saunders encountered one of those frustrated users, Steve Pohlit – a blogging for business consultant, and made contact with him. In Alec’s subsequent post, A little twitter karma, he comments:

The lesson here is pretty simple. In today’s world of social media, news travels near instantaneously. And in the world of twitter, an idea can propagate and mutate at unbelievable rates. Steve wasn’t asking for help, but by offering it I turned what was a bad experience for him into a very positive experience. He rewarded that effort with something special.

And what was that “something special”? Steve has produced three instructional videos on how to use CalliFlower.

SkypeOut subscribers can readily call into CalliFlower calls; in fact, if you have setup your mobile number as your Skype callerID and registered that same number with CalliFlower, you bypass the need to enter a PIN number. This became very useful last week when my broadband Internet service was down. From my Blackberry I called into SquawkBox via iSkoot, which cannot currently pass through DTMF tones. But since my SkypeOut callerID is my mobile number CalliFlower immediately admitted me into the call. In this case, since I had to hold the Blackberry to my ear (and had no broadband Internet connection), I accessed the call’s web page for the call via my iPhone. Is this convergence or divergence?

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