PamFax: Who Uses Fax Today?

Over the past several years I have followed the evolution of PamFax from initially a Windows application seven years ago through to today’s fully cross-platform application versions such that your mobile smartphone or tablet can be your sole requirement for sending, receiving and archiving faxes.

But the question arises as to why does one still need availability of a fax communications option? PamFax has evolved to serve as a convenient pay-as-you- go offering that has eliminated my fax phone line (cost saving ~$40/month) yet made faxing available on all these platforms. In fact, I also forward received faxes to Dropbox making them available via the cloud on any platform.

BBZ30.PFMenu.PhonePersonally I have found that fax is still required to work with healthcare (medical practices and pharmacies), legal, real estate and financial operations. Here are some examples:

  • Healthcare: no waiting at the pharmacy. Recently I had a procedure at a hospital on the east side of Toronto; they gave me a prescription. I took a picture of it with my BlackBerry 10 smartphone while in the hospital. While my wife drove me off the hospital campus, I used PamFax for BlackBerry to send the prescription to my pharmacy about a 45 minute drive away. When I arrived at the pharmacy my prescription was ready. (I hate waiting for prescriptions to be filled.) For regulatory reasons they also wanted the original to release the prescription, which of course, I had with me.
  • Real estate: don’t go looking around town for a fax service. Recently I have been involved with the sale of a vacation property in Quebec. All signed documentation was delivered by fax. Because fax has delivery acknowledgements within its protocol with a fixed end point at an assigned phone number, these signed documents are considered as legally binding. While demonstrating PamFax to a BlackBerry manager at a recent BlackBerry event, he wished he had had it the previous day when he was finalizing a house purchase that required him to run around Waterloo to find a publicly accessible fax machine. Now his BlackBerry 10 device is his “fax machine”.
  • Financial. Sometimes it’s the only legal option. While I can place orders over the Internet for trading, my broker requires signed documents for certain activities. It’s only once every few months but it is certainly convenient when I have to send a fax.

Check out PamFax’s white paper, Why Fax Remains Relevant, for more background, including more sectors that continue to rely on fax communications.

The recently released PamFax 3.0 for Windows and mobile devices requires only five or six steps to send a fax:

  1. Designate recipients (on mobile devices from your native Contacts directory or manually) – single or multiple, in over 200 countries
  2. Scan (PC’s) or photograph (mobile devices) a document (or select a document stored locally or accessed via an online services).
  3. Optional: add a (customized) cover sheet.
  4. Preview the fax
  5. Send the fax

You then can receive notification of successful delivery via e-mail, SMS and/or Skype chat. These options also are available for notification of new inbound faxes.

As for charges:

  • PamFax is completely Pay-As-You-Go. Initially buy a credit pack that never expires until you have used it up.
  • Inbound fax numbers involved a 3- or 12-month subscription that amounts to about $6.00/month (available in 32 countries)

One more benefit: in evaluating online fax services, not only is PamFax fully secure (it only delivers notifications by email, not the actual fax), but also it filters our spam faxes.

Check out the feedback from PamFax’s recent customer survey.

Bottom line: If you occasionally have to send or receive faxes, give PamFax a try. It’s obligation-free, pay-as-you-go and worldwide. It’s a productivity app that’s suitable for both the office and road warriors while freeing up fax phone lines. An initial free trial provides, on registration, three free fax pages and a one month inbound number subscription to try it out.

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Full disclosure: there are affiliate links in this post and the linked post to the PamFax overview (but not with the mobile app store links). The author also served as Product Manager for the recently released updates to PamFax 3.0 for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Amazon Fire. All mobile apps were developed using Phonegap and are native to the relevant device.

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