Skype 3.6 for iOS: An Essential Upgrade for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Yesterday Skype announced the availability of Skype 3.6 for iOS (iPhone, iPad) with three key updates:

  • Chat improvements: Copy and Paste & URL links now work
  • UI improvements: Edit button reinstalled in Messages
  • Stability improvements and various bug fixes

I installed the upgrade on my iPad (original version) and found the last item is the most important. The initial screen comes up much more quickly showing recent conversations in the left sidebar and “All Contacts” for your account. Go to “Online Contacts” and watch the Contact images “dance around” as Contacts come online or go offline.

S4iPad.3_6.CopyAndPaste.240pxChat sessions with individuals now open up almost instantly when you select a Contact; new messages arrive immediately (at the same time I see them in Skype for Windows). The one remaining “laggard” is bringing up Group Chat sessions where Skype for iPad may take a while to initialize the session as it catches up with all the Contacts in the Group and brings in recent chat messages (in one case for my setup over 300).

I also checked out the Copy and Paste as well as URL links within a chat session; they both work fine. Touch on the message to get the “Copy” icon; touch within the message window to get the “Paste” icon.

Bottom line: Skype 3.6 for iOS is a “must do” upgrade due to these speed improvements. Normally I don’t get pushy about upgrades but this one makes such a performance improvement it is highly recommended. It makes Skype for iPad much more useful as an “always available” Skype platform; for that reason alone it’s worth the upgrade (done via the Apple App Store).

P.S. – When I find my “lost” iPhone I’ll do the upgrade there as well. (“Find my iPhone” did an update a few days after I lost it that would have helped immensely.)

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