Logitech to Acquire SightSpeed. Questions Arise.

SightSpeed LogoAccording to Tech Crunch and GigaOm posts late last night Logitech is about to spend $30 million to acquire SightSpeed, the video messaging and video conferencing service that recently was selected ot provide the infrastructure for Dell’s Video Chat. Congratulations to Peter Csathy and his team.

Seems like the video calling and video conferencing market is about to heat up. There will be another post later this morning involving an announcement that can bring video conferencing to a much broader user audience than Skype’s (though it’s not exactly insignificant) and SightSpeed’s.

Questions that arise from this acquisition:

  • How is Logitech able to continue to partner with services such as Skype when they are now entering the desktop video services market? Logitech’s co-operation was vital to Skype’s ability to provide High Quality Video.
  • Or is it a produce marketing acquisition? Is Logitech acquiring SightSpeed simply to have additional collateral software to provide with their webcam offerings? Will we start to see Logitech’s Carl-Zeiss optics in embedded webcams on Dell PC’s?

The economy may be in recession; it’s driving less travel and more audio and video conferencing. They’re seeing a rise in customers and use of audio conferencing at both HiDef Conferencing and Calliflower. It will be an interesting winter for expanding user experiences involving desktop video.

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