Welcome to the “New” Voice On The Web!

Bringing together over fifteen years’ experience as a user and follower of “voice” over Internet and other IP-based communications services, five years’ blogging experience, two years operating Voice On The Web – and meeting a great number of users and players in the Skype ecosystem – today marks the launch of the “New” Voice On The Web. My goals were simply:

  • To make the site easier to follow and more readily navigable; bottom line, it’s a simpler layout.
  • To continue to offer commentary, reviews and ongoing coverage of Skype, IP-based communications and the emerging smartphone and tablet markets
  • To incorporate a larger role for social media with its opportunities to inform and engage readers.
  • To update the Reference Guide (which had always been there but not easily discoverable) where I can have ready answers and responses to the many queries I get about using Skype.

I’ll be providing coverage not only of these developments but also interviewing Skype users to provide some perspective on how Skype is used in day-to-day life. I have certainly come across some interesting ones – such as how Skype video on an iPad 2 was used to have a “virtualized” father-of-the-bride escort his daughter down the aisle at her wedding when “Dad” had suffered a heart attack the evening before the wedding. My first interview video, to be published tomorrow, will report on another unique use of Skype video to keep a family with a road warrior father together and up-to-date.

So what’s behind this: first, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the years and it is of no benefit if I don’t share this with others. Skype and other services have helped to build a more communicative world, breaking down political, language and geographical barriers. I hope you can benefit from our coverage and information in some small way.

Second, I am continually encountering Skype users who are asking questions or don’t realize the full potential of Skype. The Voice On The Web Reference Guide gives a simple reference point that I can point to. Recently I became a participant in an Internet marketing mentoring forum that heavily uses Skype and realized that there is a significant lack of awareness of the potential of Skype and how it works out there.

Third, I have also gained extensive exposure to the use of Skype in small-medium business – especially when it comes to using Skype’s business services. To be frank, I am looking to monetize that aspect – more details will follow. Implementing Skype and other IP-based communications services, such as PamFax and InnerPass (Page coming), is wide open for both generating cost-savings and taking advantage of new business opportunities.

Finally, there is  now an opportunity to subscribe to Voice On The Web and its services. Fill out the Email Updates subscription form at the top of the sidebar and we’ll, as appropriate, send you information related to our coverage. Actually, within a few days, we’ll send you a “survey” asking how you would like to benefit from our subscriber list in terms of the information you wish to receive. We’re still learning the ropes with an email management system but you’ll eventually only get what you confirm that you want.

The site, especially the Reference Guide, is incomplete but you get an idea of where we are heading. We’ll get it fully operational over the next few weeks. Bear with us and thanks. My first order of business was to get the site design and navigation cleaned up; it’s there now.

I’ll get into details on the Acknowledgements page (to be updated) but I want to thank all those I have met over the past five years – especially the users and players in the Skype ecosystem and the encouragement of some of my closest acquaintances during this period. Without their support and interest there would be no Voice On The Web.

pomelo.logo.150px.Finally I need to acknowledge my website developer, Boston Dell-Vandenberg, who brings many years experience as a website designer to the table. If you are looking for “Simple, effective web design and development”, have a look at Boston’s work and get in touch with him. (And that new Voice On The Web logo is a result of his work.)

Now to get on with the first post on the new site! (Yes, the previous 800 or so posts are still there….)

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