Welcome to Voice On The Web: A New Venture Launches

Voice On The Web Logo Earlier today I wrote my final post at Skype Journal: Jim Courtney moves on. Let me tell you about the objectives for Voice On The Web:

  • To provide an ongoing weblog featuring editorial opinions, commentary on the business aspects of emerging communications, product and service reviews, as well as tips for using Skype and other IP-based and mobile communications offerings
  • To encourage constructive and informative dialogue that engages Voice On The Web readers, initially through Comments.
  • To provide a reference guide for the implementation of Skype and other IP-based communications tools and services
  • To provide both consumers and businesses with a site for learning more about the background behind the features and benefits of emerging communications technology
  • To take advantage of the power of the WordPress platform and ecosystem. Simply stated, WordPress makes it possible not only to support blogging activity in many ways but also to develop complete websites comprising dynamic blog posts and static content. (Hint: I will soon be involved in a couple of new websites that have nothing to do with emerging communications simply because of both the power and low costs associated with WordPress.)

Transparency: I am having discussions about potential sponsorship for this site. One rule is certain: this site neither has now nor will have any business relationship with Skype LLC other than any participation in the Skype affiliate program. Should sponsorships arise, they will be announced when launched; posts and other information will mention any such relationship.

Bottom line is to have an editorial integrity such that readers can place trust in, and benefit from, Voice On The Web content. To support this objective there are a couple of WordPress plugins that independently provide links to other posts and web reference material on topics and companies discussed in a post. I encourage readers to check out these links as well. (Did I say WordPress has a powerful ecosystem?)

I will soon be providing a more complete outline of the Voice On The Web’s editorial policy and privacy policy. Bottom line is that reader’s privacy rights will be respected (and, from a legal perspective, this site operates under Canada’s PIPEDA legislation).

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the assistance and support of those who have helped me make it possible to launch this website.

To get started I will be posting about:

  • Announcements coming out of Mobile World Congress 2009
  • Tips and observations when using Skype for Windows 4.0
  • eComm 2009 – Lee Dryburgh’s conference that serves as a primer for learning about the emerging communications space

If you’re on Twitter, new posts will be announced here:

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This site still has lots of warts; content still needs editing; an ad server needs to be brought in; there are opportunities for search engine optimization. I am in the process of finding a WordPress developer who can provide assistance with incorporating these features as well as addressing overall maintenance and security issues.

Come, enjoy the ride. I look forward to your comments and feedback. I hope this site can help you have more rewarding and productive communications with relatives, friends and your business network.

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