Tungle.me: Linking Tungle into Social Media

Recently I wrote about the official launch of Tungle, the meeting accelerator that provides a cross-platform,  cross-calendar service for scheduling meetings via the web. In fact, with its new features I am now finding that 100% of my meeting requests have a response that results in a meeting. In other words the released version addressed issues that were roadblocks to successfully, yet productively agreeing on a meeting time.

One could call Tungle’s initial invocation as providing an “outbound” method for scheduling a meeting as you were the initiator from either a browser or email program, such as Outlook and expected to be the moderator of the meeting.

But what if someone wanted to approach you to request a meeting but was not a Tungle subscriber. With the launch yesterday of Tungle.me your non-subscribing acquaintances can launch a request for a meeting with you via Facebook, LinkedIn, a blog or website, your e-mail signature or an IM text chat message via Skype, MSN Messenger, etc.

When a visitor clicks on the resulting widget or link, the visitor will see a web page showing your busy/available times (but no details). You then go into the “Organize a Meeting” mode where, if the visitor is a Tungle subscriber, the subscriber’s busy/available times will also be displayed:

Tungel.me Example Display

One then proceeds to fill in the standard information (suggested time slots, location, potential agenda) and the normal Tungle Accelerator goes into action emailing invitations and accepting responses.

Whereas originally Tungle was available for outbound requests, Tungle.me provides a path for inbound meeting requests via social media tools and other communications services.

Bottom line: A cool service; however, while providing the ability to receive Inbound meeting requests, you may also want to consider how public you want to make your availability known to the outside world. On the other hand, by once again not requiring non-subscribers to register, Tungle has minimized the barriers and obstacles to using this service.

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