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Skype: In the End It’s Really About the Users

Over the past six weeks I have attended four local social media and technology events – a PodCamp, a monthly social networking seminar, an annual project management ski day and  WordCamp Toronto 2010. At each I was able to bring along a few Skype Everyman headsets to be given away as prizes. Prior to selecting […]

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Skype for Windows 4.2: Enhancing the Skype Call Experience

Three weeks ago Skype made available the “Gold” release of Skype 4.2 for Windows. In the interim I have had the opportunity to experience many of its new features, several of which I have found improve the call experience in somewhat subtle but very beneficial ways. Call Quality Indicator This is what I have found […]

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Skype over Verizon: Skype Becomes a Marketing Weapon in the Carrier Arsenal – Initial Analysis

Yesterday’s announcement that Skype will become available as a supported service on Verizon Wireless has to have sent a tsunami through the wireless operator world. To review the offering: A Skype client will be included on nine models of BlackBerry and Android smartphones in late March; current customers with these devices will be able to […]

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Oprah: Taking Skype’s “Jetson Technology” to Extremes

“I thought you were on at 4 in the afternoon”, says a confused Manhattan Best Buy visitor. “No, we tape at 9 in the morning”, replies Oprah. “Oh, then Hi Oprah!”. Placing a Skype webcam setup in a Best Buy store found an adolescent customer who was looking for a Mother’s Day gift and waiting […]

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When Using PamFax, Get the Destination Number Right

When attempting to “trash” a service via Comments to a post, make sure (i) you have made appropriate attempts to contact a service’s support operations and (ii) give them a chance to respond. A recent attempt to “trash” PamFax in a Comment turned out to be the result of the user attempting to fax to […]

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Skype Calling Plans Update: New Countries, New Pricing, New Plans

Voice On the Web’s Subscription Calling Plan page has been updated. Also Skype is offering a 25% discount on Skype Calling Plans if purchased prior to May 6, 2009. Earlier this week Skype announced the addition of an “Unlimited Country” plan to the three plans available to Skype users in the U.S. and Canada.  At […]

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Accessing Skype on the iPhone and BlackBerry

Thursday evening I was checking out Truphone’s latest release only to learn that their somewhat delayed version that provides access to Skype is still on hold. At that time I went browsing for other applications on the App Store and came across one that I have had previous experience with on the BlackBerry: IM+ for […]

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Skype for Windows 4.0 Gold: Blog Coverage

Since its launch Tuesday, Skype for Windows 4.0 Gold has received some interesting coverage: David Pogue, New York Times: in addition to his column discussed here yesterday, he has produced an amusing video: Skype 4.0: The Cheapskate where a video starring Mr. Cheapskate shows a Skype video session with his daughter, Kim Cheapskate, obviously a […]

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