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Skype Journal Interviews Josh Silverman: The Way Ahead – An Introduction

This is the first in a series of posts resulting from in interview last Friday with Josh Silverman, Skype’s recently appointed President. In this post we provide an overview of the range of topics discussed and some background to the interview. On Friday Phil and I participated in a one hour wide ranging interview with […]

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Skype Unlimited Calling Adds Two More Countries

Having spent three days with Nokia personnel based in Finland, my need to make calls to Finland on my Skype Unlimited World subscription has just increased. And with all the technology development going on in Israel (for instance, iSkoot’s and Fring’s developers are based in Israel), Israel becomes another high demand country for inclusion in […]

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Catching Up: Skype CxO’s Speak Out

Over the past couple of weeks, during which I have taken a vacation and then dealt with an internal network issue at my home office, there has been no holiday on news related to the IP Communications space. So this week I will offer a series of posts talking about communications from Skype’s new executive […]

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Finally — Skype CallerID for North Americans

For some time now, Skype users in Europe and other countries could send their SkypeIn number as a CallerID (Caller Line Identification – CLI) for SkypeOut calls. Yet if a North American made a SkypeOut call, usually the recipient of the call would see a non-identifying “0000123456” or something similar. This week Skype has modified […]

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Jonathan Christensen Keynote at eComm 2008: The Video

We have previously posted about Jonathan Christensen’s presentation at eComm 2008; here and here. As well we have referenced the transcript here. This past week eComm 2008 producer Lee Dryburgh was able to make available videos of the presentation. The Standard Definition version is below while an HD version is also available for viewing. For […]

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Skype’s New Calling Plans — The Coverage

Yesterday’s announcement of new international calling plans available from Skype probably set a record for generating press traffic about Skype. Certainly my “:Skype” keyword feed in FeedDemon has been gone off the end. Most of the reports were simply rehashes of the original two press releases (Global and North America). But some bloggers’ observations are […]

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Skype and eBay: Auction Conversations.

Ever since eBay’s acquisition of Skype over two years ago, there has been speculation as to how eBay and Skype should be “integrated” to enhance the auction process. While not the world’s most active eBay participant, I have used it several times to acquire items not normally available in Canada and to sell (ironically) a […]

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Checking out the "close-up" focus with a High Quality Video webcam

High Quality Video: Definitely a Winner for Skype

High Quality Video certainly places superior demands on technology resources; in testing yesterday evening with Phone Boy, Dameon Welch, we found superior performance for the user who has those resources. In previous posts I have talked about doing a setup for High Quality Video and subsequently putting together the requirements, goals and benchmarks for High […]

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High Quality Video: What’s the Benchmark?

Lots of confusion out there: High Quality Video, HD Video, HD Voice, High Definition Audio? What do these terms mean? And what does High Quality Video mean when it comes to Skype Video calling? “Well, my configuration should work”, comes from both other vendors and some end users. Did a bit of research to try […]

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3 Skypephone: It’s All About the User Experience!

While returning to the home office from my workout yesterday morning, before I started driving, I pulled out my Blackberry 8820, selected the iSkoot icon to open iSkoot (which auto logs into Skype), selected a Skype contact in the U.K., clicked on Call, heard a message asking me to “please wait while the call is […]

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