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Checking out the "close-up" focus with a High Quality Video webcam

High Quality Video: Definitely a Winner for Skype

High Quality Video certainly places superior demands on technology resources; in testing yesterday evening with Phone Boy, Dameon Welch, we found superior performance for the user who has those resources. In previous posts I have talked about doing a setup for High Quality Video and subsequently putting together the requirements, goals and benchmarks for High […]

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High Quality Video: What’s the Benchmark?

Lots of confusion out there: High Quality Video, HD Video, HD Voice, High Definition Audio? What do these terms mean? And what does High Quality Video mean when it comes to Skype Video calling? “Well, my configuration should work”, comes from both other vendors and some end users. Did a bit of research to try […]

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To Be Restored: Camera Flexibility for Video Hackers.

I spent some time this afternoon interviewing Jonathon Christensen, Skype’s General Manager for Audio and Video. After reviewing with me how Skype came to be able to offer High Quality Video (which will be the subject of another post), Skype released this statement of interest to those Skype enthusiasts who had been using a video […]

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Installing a Logitech High Quality Video Camera: The Experience.

The major new feature with the recently released Skype 3.6 for Windows is the High Quality Video (“HQV”) which provides 640 x 320 VGA resolution at 30 frames per second (“fps”). (As a reference point, my previous Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe would only work on video calls at 320 x 240 resolution with <10 […]

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