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Skype Journal Interviews Josh Silverman: The Way Ahead – Righting the Ship

This is the second in a series of posts resulting from in interview last Friday with Josh Silverman, Skype’s recently appointed President. In this post we talk about the key issues Josh found necessary to address and establishing a framework for employee motivation and empowerment. Over the past couple of years I have written many […]

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Mobile VoIP Options in the U.K.

Sunday Times does a “quick” review of several mobile VoIP options for the U.K. market including: Best for the iPhone (Truphone) Best for Easy Installation (Skypephone 2) Best for Instant Messaging (Fring for Nokia N95)

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Catching Up: iSkoot Gets Third Party Recognition

Over the past few months there have been a few Skype Journal posts about iSkoot and how they provide mobile device access to Skype’s services. Of course, iSkoot also provides the software behind the Skypephone on the 3 network in nine countries. Recently iSkoot has been getting some accolades from third parties: Nokia named iSkoot […]

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Blackberry Bold with a Skype Client? I Don’t Think So!

Blackberry Cool is floating a rumor that the U.K’s 3 network, the only carrier currently selling Skypephone – a hit in the youth market, will be selling the Blackberry Bold with a Skype client. First problem, it is known that VoIP over 3G networks still has quality, robustness and latency issues that make them unsuitable […]

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A Bold Prediction… Blackberry Will Continue to Rule the Enteprise

I’ll be iBold enough to say that, applying physics terminology so much appreciated by RIM’s co-CEO, Blackberry Bold will reduce the half-life of the iPhone in the business and prosumer market by an order of magnitude. Tuesday evening I attended RIM’s annual shareholders meeting in Waterloo at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, initially funded […]

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Learnings from the Canadian iPhone 3G Launch

The Canadian launch of the 3G iPhone received international coverage due to consumer reaction to Rogers initial price plans. But having followed the story since last fall and, having interviewed the first two customers to buy the iPhone 3G at Rogers Toronto launch location, the real story is about how Rogers is learning that smartphones […]

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Toronto iPhone Launch Event: Elation and Disappointment

Last Friday morning, iPhone 3G launch day, I caught the earliest commuter train into Toronto and arrived at the Rogers “designated” Toronto iPhone launch store about 30 minutes before opening at 8 a.m. A lineup of about 150 to 200 potential customers (awaiting what turned out to be 100 units with a cap of 2 […]

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Score One for the Blogosphere – Immense PR Turmoil – Rogers Caves.

Or maybe this should be called: Steve Jobs Does Not Tolerate even the Contemplation of Failure. Last week I reported on Rogers’ announcement of new data plans for both the forthcoming iPhone (available in two days) and RIM’s Blackberry. In fact, I had immediately changed my Blackberry plan to a new one where the price […]

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Rogers Reveals Its New Service Plans for Blackberry and iPhone

Caveat: This post is mostly for the benefit of Canadians but then again if you’re outside Canada where unlimited data plans are the norm, count your blessings. These plans do have implications for mobile Skype usage costs, such as with iSkoot. Update: maybe it is international – the story has made Rogers takes major […]

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Squawk Box Discussion: Nokia and The Symbian Foundation

With the emergence of iPhone 3G and Blackberry Bold, certainly from a North American perspective, one has to wonder where Nokia is heading in the smartphone space. Certainly a clue evolved Tuesday when Nokia announced they were acquiring the remainder of Symbian they did not already own for $410 million along with a plan to […]

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