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  1. jacormn August 13, 2009 at 5:32 am #

    I have Skype 4.0 but the quality of skype to skype computer connection has gone from great (3 years ago) to good, to bad, to now absolutely terrible and Skype 4.0 did not make it any better! I just hung up on a conversation with my wife in the US (I'm in France) and it took us 30 minutes to try to have basically what would have been a 5 min call because of incessant interruptions (no more sound), voice fading in and out, horrible background noises, etc, etc. This is now a daily experience and as other bloggers say, it's almost better to make a skype to cell phone call to have a decent conversation. We use the same computers and OS as we did 2 years ago, and they work otherwise fine, so it really looks like the quality of Skype connectivity has gone way down. Are they doing something about that, or are they waiting to start losing customers??…

    • Jim Courtney August 14, 2009 at 5:50 pm #

      Skype has an ongoing research program to determine end user configuration issues. And they're looking for solutions to these issues to minimize the potentials for difficulty such as you seem to be experiencing. For instance the recent release of the Skype Everyman headset is designed to optimize the audio quality issues on the PC and neutralize audio chips as an issue. However, your PC configuration, Internet service, routers and other devices on your LAN could also be issues. I recently resolved an issue where I had poor outgoing voice and found that I needed to replace some Ethernet over Powerline adapters LAN; they were used to provide a connection to my SlingBox in a room without an Ethernet jack. At the moment I am experiencing the full benefits of not only Skype audio but also Skype video. A post on end user configuration issues will follow soon.


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