Skype’s Secret Sauce Extended to Include Embedded Devices

The secret sauce used by Skype that results in the excellent voice quality of Skype-to-Skype calls and facilitates quality in Skype-to-SkypeIn/Out calls is the Voice Engine for PC and Voice Engine for (Windows) Mobile licensed by Skype from Global IP Sound (“GIPS”). Combining codecs, echo cancellation technology and other voice and packet management features the […]

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Back to the Future: World’s first photophone and other telephone historia

During trip earlier this month to Nova Scotia, I visited Baddeck, Alexander Graham Bell’s summer refuge from the heat and humidity of Washington, DC for the last 37 years of his life. Interestingly the estate is still (privately) occupied by descendants, including his 101-year old granddaughter. However, the highlight was to visit the Alexander Graham […]

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Dual Mode WiFi/GSM phones … coming to a handset near you.

Both Alec Saunders and Jon Arnold have commented on a KTVU news item video where Andy is interviewed about dual mode WiFi/GSM phones. Andy points out that he could not demonstrate on his Nokia E61 in the hotel where he was interviewed because of the requirement for a login page. A week ago I commented […]

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What’s great with this WiFi picture?

The emerging proliferation of WiFi-enabled personal assistant devices, such as Nokia’s N-series and Mobile Windows phones, and PC’s requires a complementary build-out of WiFi infrastructure. During our current road trip to Atlantic Canada we have passed many “local” hotels where the main promotional feature is “Wireless High Speed Internet”, sometimes along with free continental breakfast […]

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WiFi-SIM Chip for WiFi Phones?

Over the past few days, Katie at GigaOm has been trekking down to Mountain View on hot days to try out the new Google-Fi network. Most recently she went with a Mac and Nokia 770 and tried out Skype and GizmoProject respectively to determine the feasibility and quality of the call.. She concludes: If your […]

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SkypeLand News Update: Video Action, Niklas Spends, WiFi Phones

Video Action Keeps Expanding: In addition to service launches on the video communications front, (Skype, SightSpeed), it was a week when we learned where Skype’s founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Jaanus Friis, may be spending some of their eBay-generated wealth. (Keep in mind that Niklas and Jaanus had VC partners with whom they shared probably a […]

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Skype Becomes an Output Mode for SnagIt

Many of graphics and images that you see in Skype Journal (including the ones in this post) have been captured using TechSmith’s Snag-It. Snag-It has been a core utility for my Windows computing over the past five or six years. Need to capture an object on your Windows desktop (or your entire desktop)? Snag-It does […]

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SightSpeed – Focusing on Personal Video Services

Since its introduction at the final Fall Comdex in 2003, I have been following the SightSpeed video communications service as it has evolved into one of the more highly respected personal video calling services. Today they are releasing a new version 5.0; last week I spent an hour talking with Peter Csathey, CEO of SightSpeed, […]

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Testing Your VoIP Connection

Recently a couple of posts discussing VoIP Quality: Om Malik reports on a Brix Networks study, based on data collected on Acceptable Call Quality via their site. Note that Brix also announces the availability of this service as a Google Gadget (for Google Desktop) providing ongoing measurement of the quality of your connection for […]

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Conference Calls from the Outlook Toolbar

Skype for Outlook Toolbar has become one of my key tools in day-to-day communications. In fact, I am at the point where I seldom actually “dial” a phone number; just look it up in Outlook Contacts, click on the Toolbar and click on the relevant “phone” number to launch a Skype or SkypeOut call..In his […]

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