GSM 850 MHz band — Not To Be Overlooked.

Over the past several years I have owned Nokia phones, the last one being the (tri-band) Nokia 6310i. However, I was always finding blind spots in my coverage. Would be half a kilometer along the drive out of my subdivision and having to apologize for phone calls cutting out over the next kilometer or so.. […]

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Skype 3.0 — New Feature Guide….

Yesterday Skype released its initial Skype for Windows 3.0 beta with several new features. However, the press release does not really show the entire picture and, in fact, two of the four features mentioned were available in the previous 2.6 beta – namely, Click-to-Call and Skypecasts Live. Click-to-Call is simply an embedding of the previously […]

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Memo to Skype Phone Product Managers

As mentioned elsewhere I have had significant exposure to a variety of phones that have been designed to work with Skype, either as the primary purpose of the device (Skype WiFi phones, Skype Cordless phones) or as an application within a more versatile mobile “personal assistant” platform (Windows Mobile platforms and, by year end, Symbian […]

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Vonage – All About Digging a Hole

GigaOM today reported on Vonage’s latest results: new subscribers down, churn is up, ARPU is down, subscriber acquisition costs up. All indicators going in the wrong direction; in fact, one could say that Vonage continues to dig its own hole (as predicted here and here). Maybe Vonage’s board could use Vonage’s latest service announced yesterday: […]

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Skype on Mobile: Status Report – October 2006

Initiated when Andy invited me to participate in the Nokia blogger program back in June, I have now had the opportunity to work with several mobile platforms and, over time, made several attempts to work with programs that access Skype from the mobile phone. I’ve also been following the Skype perspective on mobile here, here […]

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Skype for Pocket PC 2.1 Released — Setting Wireless Expectations with Reality

Today Skype released Skype for Pocket PC 2.1, a release whose accompanying documentation reflects the reality of the limited resources of handheld mobile devices. A full list of features is available here; however, key items include: A new multi-chat interface which supports chats with several participants. Skype Launcher, a small ‘launcher” application that checks available […]

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Shel and Rick visit Skype – Interview with COO Sten Tamkivi

Naked Conversations co-author (with Robert Scoble) Shel Israel and American-converted-to-Canadian VC and blogger Rick Segal (and our former Microsoft evangelist when I was at Quarterdeck) are currently traveling through Europe. With an objective of learning about Europeans who have been bitten by the technology development bug, as well as about the integration of technology into […]

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Voice 2.0 – It’s About Building Unique Communities

Last week’s Voice 2.0 Conference in Ottawa exposed examples across the entire range of infrastructure and services that lead to voice-related applications. Martin Geddes led off with a keynote asking What’s telephone for? What’s the unmet user need? Where’s the money and What’s next? Sam Aparicio of provides an excellent commentary on Martin’s presentation […]

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Skype Starts to Build US Traction

One of the “joys” of being a US-controlled public company is that SEC requires the breakout of International from domestic sales. So today’s 3rd quarter report from eBay provides some information that allows us to look at Skype registrations coming from the U.S. With over double the registrations from two quarters ago, it certainly demonstrates […]

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Sony Mylo — First Impressions…

Thursday I received, as an evaluation unit, a Sony Mylo via the folks at Trinity Convergence whose voice engine software is embedded in the device. The Mylo has turned out to be an interesting personal companion and nothing has changed my opinion that this could be for Sony in the 2000’s what the Walkman was […]

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