Unyte – An Extras Gallery Success Story

Intuitive Desktop Sharing Application Brining in Over 5,000 Installs Daily WebDialogs has been offering beta versions of its Unyte desktop sharing application for Skype for over six months. However, with the release of Skype 3.0, Unyte has become one of the top downloads from the Extras Gallery resulting in over 5,000 installations daily. Simply doing […]

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eBay – Skype Synergy: The Missed Viral Opportunity – Post 2 of 2

To: Meg Whitman, CEO, eBay That was quite the quarterly report; lots of good news. Congratulations to the entire eBay team (including Skype, of course). But there is the Skype monetization issue to address. Following up on my other post Wednesday, I think I found one way to contribute to this while at CES. Bottom […]

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Notes from the 2006 Q4 eBay Conference Call

Phil and I listened in on the eBay conference call this afternoon; obviously announcing a successful quarter and year for eBay as a company and by several measures for Skype.. Some of the highlights, especially with respect to Skype: If we heard it once, we heard it multiple times: the number one challenge for Skype […]

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eBay – Skype Synergy – Is There a Viral Opportunity? Post 1 of 2

Ever since eBay’s acquisition of Skype sixteen months ago, speculation has abounded on why the acquisition and, more importantly, what synergies exist for integrating eBay, (PayPal) and Skype. While we have seen stabs at eBay “SkypeMe” buttons for premium auctions and a PayPal button in the Skype Outlook Toolbar, nothing has really taken hold virally […]

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Final Reflections on CES 2007

Just a few observations after reflecting back on CES two weeks ago: Most visible PDA in real use: Blackberry by far – every time I turned around somebody had their Blackberry out checking messages, etc. I swear one couple was messaging between each other via their respective Blackberries even though they were beside each other. […]

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AT&T and Rogers Emulating Skype?

In spite of the recent pricing announcements, Skype has always been known for its free Skype-to-Skype calls. This not only covers calls between two parties who are simply using Skype but also to those parties in a conference call who are on Skype. And international borders do not exist for these calls. Seems like the […]

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CES 2007: Skype Hardware on Display II: Skype Appliances

In a previous post I presented several of the “PC Free” Skype dual mode cordless phones that were announced and/or exhibited at CES 2007. In this post I will cover other Skype appliance hardware that I encountered as I walked the show floor. (Note: click on the slide show to get the complete slide show […]

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CES 2007: Skype Hardware on Display I: PC Free Cordless Phones

Combining what was presented at the Skype press conference, vendor and ODM interviews and simply walking the show floor, it became evident that Skype has become “the” brand for VoIP phone hardware. Much like the iPod has done, Skype is rapidly developing an ecosystem of partners who are eager to trade on Skype’s popularity. While […]

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CES – The BlogHaus Impact

My legs are just recovering from walking miles on Wednesday and Thursday in an attempt to see all the exhibits involving Skype. A full post outlining what I found will follow in the next day or so. Am taking the weekend off in Las Vegas where we have seen some interesting country outside Las Vegas […]

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CES: 3 Days Down; One to Go

Finally got to do some floor visits Tuesday over lunchtime and spent Wednesday afternoon visiting Skype hardware partner booths in the Sands Expo Center. Items that may become posts: Will the Skype-eBay integration become much more viral with an eBay tab in your Skype client? Will any Skype hardware vendors figure out how to get […]

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